A new net for the neighbors

We just had a new family move into the neighborhood. We had heard it was a family with three teenagers and we looked forward to meeting them and welcoming them to the block.
A new net for the neighbors

We share a fence between our backyards and it was fun to see their daughter and two boys playing basketball on the sports court and hearing the happy barking of their 3 dogs.

Sadly, we learned that their mother had just left them to pursue a new, different and separate life on the other side of the country. I noticed that the net on the basketball hoop was just a few threads, so I fired up my favorite website, Amazon, and ordered a new net.

After an appropriate amount of time for Prime, the net arrived. While dad was at work and the kids off to school, I replaced their basketball net. The dogs weren’t found of my act of kindness, but over the next few days it was rewarding to see the flying ball and actually be able to tell that it hit the mark.

Just a small gesture, but hopefully added a smile or two during a difficult transition.

A simple gift for a new neighbor family made everyone happy.

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