A pharmacist’s honesty

I live in Asia and one day a new pharmacy opened up by my house. It was smaller than the other one I usually went to but I decided to try it out a few times. The pharmacist was very nice and patient with me as I struggled speaking the local language.

A pharmacist's honesty story

One day I went in and to my surprise the pharmacist greeted me excitedly, as if she had been waiting for me!

She then reached behind the counter for an envelope and gave it to me. I opened it and inside was the equivalent to $0.60 in US dollars.

She explained that on my last visit, a few weeks ago, she accidentally overcharged me for one of the medications I bought.

I was so astonished and impressed by her honesty. For such a small amount of money it would have been easy to just keep the change and I probably wouldn’t have noticed.

After this act of integrity I decided that I would continue to use that pharmacy from now on. They may be a small store, but they are trustworthy.

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