A tummy rub

I was having a rough day. Depression had gotten the best of me and I felt helpless to do anything.

A tummy rub happy story

I was laying on my daughter’s bed while watching her and my son play, and started to cry. The emotions were pretty high that day.

My son (age 4) came over and asked, “Mom, do you need to go lay on your bed and snuggle your blanket for a while until you feel better?”

Super sweet, though it made me cry more. They don’t usually see me cry and I was touched by his thoughtfulness.

It’s also the exact thing I tell him when he’s feeling sad 🙂

My daughter (age 2) also came over and sat by me. She looked at me and asked:

“Mom, can I rub your tummy for you to help you feel better?”

I couldn’t help but laugh through the tears.

Again, it’s one of the things I ask her if she’s feeling sad.

While it didn’t overhaul my emotions and suddenly make the day amazing, just the little acts of sweetness, love and concern let me know someone cared about me that day.

Mom's take care of their children - when the child offers to take care of the mom, it's such a sweet story!

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