An employer’s act of kindness

Yesterday I was talking to my sister-in-law Jane, who owns a reception center here in our area.  She has several employees, including some young people who help with setting up, cleaning up, and other various jobs.

Recently one of her young employees brought a friend with him, and the friend worked right along with him, working as hard as any of the hired boys and girls.

An employer's act of kindness

Jane noticed what a good worker he was and wanted to know more about him.  She learned that he came from a very dysfunctional family, who had very little, in the way of worldly goods and money.  Being the compassionate person that she is she immediately hired him, and was very pleased with what a good conscientious employee he was. 

Jane’s granddaughter was one of the girls working there and she and some of the others were planning to go to Lagoon (a nice amusement park about 50 miles north of our area). Jane knew that this boy wouldn’t be able to afford to go, so she gave some money to her granddaughter and asked her to invite the new guy to go with them but not tell him who gave her the money.  

I didn’t hear anymore about how their adventure turned out, but I am impressed with Jane’s Christ-like love and service and helping this young man.

An employer's act of kindness made her employee's day! 

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