A Gardener’s Neighborly Love

I live in a 55+ community where the yard care is supposed to be taken care of by professionals, however they do a bare minimum of what should be done. One of my neighbors is in her mid 70s and loves gardening.

The story of a gardener's neighborly love

The very small area around her home where she can garden is filled with beautiful flowers, which she cares for very meticulously. However, she also walks around our common area and other homes, and pulls weeds, deadheads flowers, even prunes some of the shrubs.

I can tell by the way that she walks that she hasĀ  some pain (like most of us do), but she does it anyway because of her love for her flowers and her neighbors.

I saw her one time in her garden at 10:30 at night. Others times she is out in the heat of the day in the summer, but she has explained to me that she just sprays her back with her hose, and she goes to work.

I, as well as our other neighbors, appreciate her so much for keeping our community beautiful and weed free!

Read the story of a gardener's neighborly love

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