Hot cocoa for the mailman

We had a neighborhood Christmas party on Monday night. We always light a bonfire in the middle of the street and stand around in the cold talking and eating.

About 8PM, it was snowing like crazy and here comes the mailman. He usually comes in the afternoon.

Hot chocolate for the mailman

We gave him hot cocoa and cookies and he got out of his truck and stood by the fire and talked for a few minutes.

A few days later, he was delivering mail and my neighbors were outside and he stopped and said, “Can I tell you something?”

He proceeded to say that Monday was an awful day – snow, cold, truck didn’t have chains, 14-hours on the job. Before he turned onto our street he was figuring out how to ditch his truck, walk away from his job and everything else.

He has five kids, a special needs child, is working full time and in school for his master’s degree and he was at the end of his rope and feeling desperate.

Our neighborhood’s kindness was a shock to him and after he got back into his truck, he had to stop at the end of our street and cry, overwhelmed by an unexpected tender mercy.

How a simple cup of hot chocolate made the mailman's day

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