Kind strangers at a concert

For my birthday this year, my husband bought me tickets to a concert for my favorite musician. He’s from Ireland, and it can be difficult to get tickets to see him, because his shows sell out very quickly.

Kind strangers at a concert

I was so excited about going, especially since I would be going with two of my best friends.

We drove 6 hours to the city where the concert would be held, and stood in line with our tickets waiting for the doors to open so we could get in.

The people we were standing with were quite friendly, and everyone chatted while we waited. After an hour of standing in the cold November night, the line finally started to move. I felt someone tap my shoulder, and I turned around to see a woman with two tickets in her hand.

“I think you dropped these,” she said. I checked, but still had my tickets, so we asked the people ahead of us if they had dropped theirs. A man in front of me pointed out a name printed on the tickets: Malory.

Everyone with him started shouting, asking for Malory. Since the concert was sold out, there would be no way for her to get in without the tickets. We weren’t able to find her, so decided to give the tickets to the security guards at the front of the building in case she came looking for them.

A few minutes later, we all heard someone shout, “OH NO!”

With all of my new friends, we shouted, “Malory??” The girl ahead of me ran and gave her the tickets, and she was able to get in and enjoy the concert.

It would have been easy for the girl behind me to just leave the tickets on the ground, or give them to someone else, but this group of freezing people in the cold Denver night made sure that a fellow fan was able to get in and enjoy the concert.

Kind strangers at a concert
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