Last Minute Dinner From A Friend

Some friends and I had made a plan to get together (later in the week) at a park so our kids could play and we could chat.

When the day came, I woke up feeling super sick. I didn’t want to get out of bed and was achy everywhere.

Last minute dinner from a friend

Fortunately my husband works from home so he was able to take care of the kids while I rested.

I sent my friends a text letting them know I wouldn’t be able to come. I was sad to miss the fun afternoon together, but I definitely couldn’t go.

One friend responded back and asked if she could bring me dinner.

It sounded wonderful, but I also knew my husband could make us something. But, it would be nice if he didn’t have to worry about it.

I hesitated to say yes because she had just had a baby about 6 weeks before, so she had plenty going on.

But, she was so nice to offer and I knew she wouldn’t say that if she couldn’t do it. So, I said yes.

Around 5:00 she showed up with a delicious home cooked meal (something I didn’t even do every day) and the whole family was happy!

I was so grateful that she was willing to help us out even though she had a lot going on. I don’t know if it was a big deal to her or if it was something that seemed easy, but it made a big difference for us that day.

A kind friend's last minute dinner made this sick day so much easier! Click to read the story.

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