Paper snowflakes in a high school classroom

I am a junior in high school. We had our first snow in our town this week and it’s also the week before Thanksgiving break, so everyone in class is beyond stressed. I went to school today on Friday with the expectation of it being just another boring, horrible school day.

Paper snowflakes in a high school story

As I walk into fifth hour, there are directions on the board for a project that we have to do. Not anything too big, but still boring.

About halfway through the hour I am bored out of my mind and have some scrap paper at my disposal. So what’s my first thought? To make a paper snowflake.

Soon enough a couple of my friends join in, and the teacher notices we are not doing what we’re supposed to. She comes over and asks what we’re cutting up and I say something like “I know we’re supposed to be doing things, but I’m making a paper snowflake.”

I expect her to tell us to get back to work, but instead she stands up and tells the class that we can do the project on Monday, and that she’s going to teach everyone how to make a paper snowflake.

Made my entire day. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a room of high schoolers so happy. Everyone way saying things like “I haven’t made one of these in years!”

I can only imagine the principal walking in on an entire room of 11th graders making paper snowflakes.

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